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CES 2020: Asus ROG Gaming Peripherals

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The Asus ROG brand includes just about every type of gaming accessory imaginable, from wireless headsets to ultra-high refresh gaming monitors. While at the Asus booth, we got hands-on with a variety of the brand’s new gaming peripherals.

Asus ROG gear is geared towards all levels of PC gamers, but select items are purpose-built to meet the needs of top-tier gaming professionals. When you’re playing at the most elite level, every potential technical advantage is worth the investment. And no product embodies that more than the Asus ROG Swift 360Hz G Sync monitor. This cutting edge 24.5-inch gaming monitor has a refresh rate of—you guessed it—360Hz. That makes it six times as fast as the 60Hz monitor that fills most offices and the desks of many casual gamers. It’s 50% faster than the previous industry-leading 240Hz monitors, and, quite frankly, it’s unlikely that the average human could even perceive the difference. But, again, when worldwide fame and millions of dollars in prize money are on the line, ever potential advantage counts. All of that speed comes at the cost of resolution—the Swift 360Hz will only be available in an FHD flavor.

Gamers more interested in an immersive experience and overall image quality than absolute speed will be lusting after the Asus ROG Swift PG43UQ. This massive monitor offers the best in display technology—4K resolution, 10-bit color, VESA DisplayHDR certification—in a 43-inch display. While it can’t touch the 360Hz’s speed, it’s no slouch itself at 144Hz.

The Asus ROG Strix Scope TKL is a tenkeyless gaming keyboard that dispenses with the unnecessary (the number pad and an excessively chunky chassis) so a gamer’s two hands can be closer together. Though svelte, the Strix Scope doesn’t skimp on features. You’ll find a detachable wrist rest, a variety of Cherry MX switch options, and, of course, some insane RGB integration. If you’ve got a small gaming desk but still want a top-tier keyboard, put the Scope TKL on your list.

We also got a look at a pair of new wireless gaming mice. The Asus ROG Pugio II features high-end gaming specs in an ambidextrous design, making it a great choice for lefty gamers. The Pugio II solves one of the common problems of ambidextrous mice, whose symmetrical design usually puts a button or two under your palm. To overcome this, the Pugio II features removable buttons that can be replaced with a smooth cover.

The Asus ROG Chakram gaming mouse solves another problem common in PC gaming: the need for multiple types of controllers within a single game. Part of a game might call for the speed of a mouse, while another requires the precision of a handheld gaming controller. The Chakram addresses this with an integrated analog joystick placed right under the user’s thumb, so the mouse can be operated like a gamepad.

And no gaming setup is complete without a good headset. The Asus ROG Strix Go 2.4 gaming headset is a wireless set of cans meant to be used anywhere and with just about any modern device. The Strix Go 2.4 sports 40mm drivers and a next-gen active noise cancelling system, so you can clearly hear your game in even the most distracting environments. Plus, the included pre-paired Bluetooth dongle slots into a USB-C port to ensure hassle-free compatibility with all sorts of devices.

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