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CES 2019: Tidy Up Your Space With Samsung’s Lifestyle TVs & Monitors

For the past few years, the KonMari method of organizing has been gaining popularity. Thanks to a new show on Netflix, founder Marie Kondo can spread her message of gathering your belongings and only keeping things that spark joy to a whole new audience. This mindset has managed to help countless people declutter their lives and their spaces all over the world. Now, Samsung has some new products that can assist you in staying organized and tidying up.

At this year’s CES, Samsung seemed to be all about screens. From OLED to QLED to modular MicroLED, the company has a number of exciting new developments in store for 2019 when it comes to televisions. However, they’re not only thinking about the bigger, bolder models. They are dabbling in smaller, more elegant units that were designed with art, interior design, and style in mind. Rather than having a plethora of picture frames surrounding your living room and all around your TV, those frames and the TV can become one in the same with the Samsung Serif and Frame TVs. Both featuring QLED picture quality, they not only serve as a fashionable television alternative that blends in with your décor, but they also offer a futuristic and customizable way to display artwork around the house.

Your house isn’t the only place that could stand to stay tidy. A person’s workspace can become a mess pretty easily, so real estate on your desk becomes a precious commodity. But with things like a phone, a printer, a monitor, and more fighting for their place, extra space may be nonexistent. That’s why Samsung came up with the SR75 Space Monitor. Though at first glance it takes up just as much space as a regular computer screen, this 32-inch monitor can change positions from resting on your desktop to standing flush against your wall, thus freeing up some additional room if needed.

What do you think about these space-saving innovations from Samsung? Are you looking to bring these screens from CES 2019 to your own home or workplace? Share your thoughts in the comments below.     

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