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CES 2019: LG’s Transparent OLED TV

lg transparent oled tv

Viewing a high-end OLED TV can be like looking through a window to the world, with color and contrast that make a picture look like real life. But what if that TV could also be a literal window to the world? That’s an idea to explore with the LG transparent OLED TV. Transparent LED displays are not new to CES, but they’re usually billed as a conceptual product or meant for commercial/retail uses where critical picture quality isn’t an issue. LG already uses the technology in some of their InstaView refrigerators, which feature a digital touch screen that can display photos or your to-do list, but a quick knock turns it transparent so you can see inside the fridge without opening the door. It’s a brilliant feature, but the screen isn’t one where you’d want to do any critical content viewing.

But by using an OLED panel and implementing the display technologies from their Signature OLED TVs, like the Alpha 9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor, LG is taking steps towards the point where these displays are more than a convenient feature, and can replace the TV in your family room. While viewing, the picture would look just like that of any other LG OLED TV, but when powered off, it would be as transparent as a window. You could hang it over a work of art, a collection of family photos, or even an actual window. There are myriad possibilities, and we’re hoping to see viable consumer products in the near future. Check out the LG Transparent OLED TV in the video below:

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    Roger D Stone
    March 10, 2019 at 9:44 am

    Have been refusing to buy a large-screen HDTV for about four years now, waiting for a fairly transparent/invisible version to be developed and marketed. The only suitable place in my house for a large screen TV is in front of a large picture window. The problem is that it would block too much incoming light when not in use. I wonder if this is a common problem.

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