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CES 2019: LG HomeBrew Craft Beer System

With the meteoric growth in both the home brewing and smart home industries, it’s not surprising to attend a consumer electronics trade show and see products that combine them both. The LG HomeBrew is a countertop appliance that aims to take the mess and trial out of brewing beer. Simply insert a series of ingredient capsules, add water, then tap the screen. And in two weeks, you’ll have about fourteen bottles of freshly-brewed, ready-to-drink beer. The LG HomeBrew can make five different styles, though more should be available in the future.

It’s an interesting idea, if not a new one. We’ve seen this concept before in the PicoBrew, a device that achieved some measure of popularity but never really took off. For many home-brewers, the mess and the trial and error are part of the fun of brewing, and not something to be eliminated by a computer. We’ll see if smart-brewing system built by one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers will fare better.

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