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CES 2019: Klipsch The Fours Powered Speakers

klipsch the fours

Visiting the Klipsch booth at CES is always a little like stepping into alternate, retrofuturistic universe. We love how so many of their products combine high-end technology with a vintage aesthetic. A perfect example of that mashup is this new powered bookshelf speaker pair, The Fours. Take a quick glance at Klipsch’s The Fours, and you might assume they were a relic from the company’s past. The dark woods, wide-weave cloth grills, and retro logo badge all give the look of a simple, old-fashioned loudspeaker. But a closer look and a peek around back reveals their high-tech, versatile nature.

An integrated phono pre-amp, multiple wired inputs, and Bluetooth wireless connectivity allow you to connect just about any audio source you can imagine, and because they are powered monitors, you don’t need any amplification source in between. The inclusion of HDMI ARC means you can connect your TV and adjust the speakers’ volume with the TV’s remote control. That function, combined with the option to add a subwoofer and the ability to get true stereo separation, makes The Fours a great choice for someone looking for a TV sound upgrade. They’re as easy to setup as a soundbar, but provide the improved sound quality of a true multi-channel system. We’re hoping to see Klipsch’s The Fours on the market by the summer.

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