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CES 2018: Klipsch Heritage Theater Bar

The Klipsch Heritage Theater Bar is a soundbar that addresses two issues with soundbars that, quite frankly, we’re surprised have not been dealt with since the devices hit the market. The first is size. Say you have a nice, wide TV perched on an entertainment center—or perhaps mounted to your wall—and below the TV is your soundbar. Maybe it’s by the same brand as your TV, maybe a different brand, but either way, it’s probably a random length. Now, for many of us it’s not a big deal if our soundbar and TV are different lengths, but for many home theater aficionados, especially those particular about the aesthetics of their setup, it can be an annoyance. The Klipsch Heritage Theater Bar is a fully-customizable soundbar that can be ordered in any length (from 54″-80″), so you can match it precisely to the dimensions of your TV.

In addition to customizing its length, the Klipsch Heritage Theater Bar can also be crafted in a combination of cabinet veneers and grill cloths. TVs have evolved from chunky, black plastic boxes into svelte sets often finished in stainless steel or other beautiful finishes, but nearly every soundbar is still a black slab. Klipsch’s custom program means you can get a soundbar that better matches your existing decor. We’re really digging that concept, and with interior design trends moving toward more exposed-wood and rustic finishes—not to mention the resurgence of vintage design in audio equipment—we can see the Klipsch Heritage Theater Bar being quite popular.

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