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CES 2018: JBL Endurance Series and Reflect Contour 2 Headphones

We’ve always loved JBL’s wireless sport headphones, so we were excited to learn more about their new assortment of sport headphones that promises something unique for every type of athlete. The JBL Endurance headphone lineup features four models. First is the JBL Endurance Run, a basic wired headphone that is ideal for the athlete looking for a great-sounding, no frills headphone, and who never wants to worry about battery life before a run. IPX5 water-resistance rating means you’re free to sweat profusely or even run in the rain with them. Up one tier are the JBL Sprint headphones, a wireless option that offers an IPX7 rating—meaning they’re fully waterproof. You’ll also find a 10-hour battery life and some very cool touch-sensitive controls. Moving further up the line are the JBL Jump, which improve upon the Sprint with a more durable build and a clever on/off mechanism. which will help preserve battery life. At the top of the line is the JBL Dive, which takes all of the features of the Jump, and puts them into a set of swimming headphones. To listen underwater, you’d normally need some sort of waterproof phone, or keep your phone close enough to your location in the water that the Bluetooth can stay connected—neither an ideal solution. So JBL baked an MP3 player right into the Dive. With 1GB of internal memory, users can take around 200 songs on a swim, run, or bike ride, without having to carry a phone with them.

We also checked out the JBL Reflect Contour 2, a set of Bluetooth sport headphones that’s ideal for runners. These headphones sport a durable aluminum build, IPX5 water-resistance, and a reflective safety coating from which the headphones get their name. Users should get about 10 hours of use out of a full charge, but those that find themselves in the all-too-common situation of arriving at the gym with dead headphones will love the quick charge option—10 minutes of charging will give an hour of playback.

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