CES 2018 Internet of Things

CES 2018: iHome Spot for Your Dot

CES2018, Echo Dot Speaker Stand

Waking up in the morning to the same BEEP – BEEP – BEEP can be a pain. Thankfully iHome, who for many years has striven to perfect the wake-up call, has brought the alarm clock into the world of the Internet of Things, by combining their beloved alarm clocks with the extraordinary power of the Amazon Echo Dot. The color-changing Spot for Your Dot stand improves upon the Dot’s speaker capabilities to create a portable, full-fledged music player. Watch as the speaker dances to the music by changing its colors to the beat.  The portable speaker for the Echo Dot lets you take your Dot along with you and lets the party follow.

CES2018, Echo Dot Speaker Stand

The Spot for your Dot creates a portable speaker for the Amazon Echo Dot. Improving music and tying the alarm clock into the internet of things.

iHome, the alarm clock manufacturer trusted by countless users to wake them up on time every morning, has always been on the cutting edge of technology. The Spot for your Dot continues that trend, by enlisting the unlimited knowledge of the Amazon Alexa system and making it accessible with the the power of your voice. Asking questions like: “how will the weather be today?” Or “do I need my raincoat?” Will save you a trip to the computer before you leave for work in the morning. Wake up and ask Alexa “what do I have on my calendar today?” Alexa will read aloud your to-do’s, making sure you are prepared for the day. This portable speaker enhancement for the Amazon Echo Dot will bring new capabilities to the already brilliant smart assistant.

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