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CES 2018: Alpine Jeep Speaker Systems

Jeep owners who spring the new Alpine X209-WRA-OR off-road-specific head unit might also find themselves looking for a new set of speakers to go along with their premium receiver. If so, Alpine has them covered. We learned more about a pair of Jeep speaker systems that will offer audio upgrades to a variety of XXX.

The Alpine PSS-20WRA is an all-inclusive, 100% plug-and-play speaker system for 2007-2017 Jeep Wranglers, and includes a pair of component speakers for the front, a pair of coaxial speakers for the sound bar, a powered subwoofer that fits under the passenger seat, and an amp to power it all. The system is designed for easy bolt-in installation, while offering significant sound upgrades to the factory system—whether you’re driving with the top on or off. One important note for those who often go topless: this system is not weather resistant. Alpine does, however, offer IP-rated speakers in the next model up, which we’ll get after this video.

Stepping up from that system is the PSS-22WRA, an all-inclusive system built to match the rugged construction of a Jeep Wrangler and able to endure the harsh environments. Included in the system are front and rear speakers that will fit any of the variety of arrangements available in 2007-2018 Jeeps, a pair of compact amplifiers, and a 10-inch powered subwoofer. Producing high-quality sound in an open space like a topless Jeep is a difficult feat, but by placing the subwoofer under the seat, low frequencies resonate in the footwell, letting users still feel the bass even when the top is down. And since being able to enjoy this system with the top down was one of Alpine’s main goals, the PS-22WRA is IP55 rated against water and dust, meaning you can though the rain, the surf, or the desert without worrying about damaging your speakers. Expect to see this system available by this summer.

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