Abt Exclusive CES 2017

CES 2017: Sony Xperia Tablet Projector


Imagine controlling the lights in your home by tapping directly on your tabletop.  Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, the experts at Sony made it all possible by creating a prototype, the Xperia Tablet Projector. We had the chance to see the tablet projector at CES 2017 and it is awesome! This prototype isn’t like your ordinary projector, in fact it has many capabilities of a tablet built into it. You can control the lights, surf the web, or Skype your friends by touching the flat surface. It can project up to 23″ on a flat surface and up to 80″ on a wall surface. The Xperia tablet projector is an Android based device so many apps are built into it and connectivity isn’t difficult at all. All you need is the power cable and you’re all set!


You can control the volume or change your music on a flat surface.

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