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CES 2017: Sony M500 and NT5000 Soundbars


We saw plenty of great new products at Sony’s CES display, including a pair of standout soundbars. Check out our first impressions of the Sony M500 and NT5000 soundbars.

Sony M500 Soundbar

First up is the Sony M500 soundbar, a small soundbar that packs a big punch. More style-conscious than the typical soundbar (when was the last time you saw one that wasn’t black?), the Sony M500 is available in charcoal and cream versions, colors that will better blend into the typical family room decor. A slim subwoofer will be easier to hide in a corner, or even under the sofa. Of course, the M500 is also packed with high-tech features: built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, an ARC HDMI input, the ability to play Hi-Res audio files, and easy integration with Google Home.

We also got to audition the Sony NT5000 Dolby Atmos soundbar. Dolby Atmos is a surround-sound audio format that includes not just typical left/right/rear information, but also sounds from the top. Those sounds are normally created by in-ceiling speakers, or top-firing drivers on the front speakers. The system replicates surround sound without investing in a large amount of equipment. The Sony NT5000 utilizes a pair of upward-facing drivers, in addition to the seven discrete channels on the front of the soundbar, to create enveloping surround sound that includes the “over-the-top” effect found only in Atmos systems. The Sony NT5000 will be an excellent choice for a high-quality surround sound system for those who can’t install a dedicated multi-speaker system in their home. Release date and price are currently unknown, but we’ll be sure to release more info when we get it. We can’t wait to offer these speakers to Abt customers once they’re available!

We’re loving everything we’ve seen at CES so far this year. Are you planning to purchase one of these soundbars? Stay tuned for more exciting coverage from your favorite tech brands.

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