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CES 2017: Samsung Invisible Connections & No Gap Wall Mount

Samsung has been working hard over the past year to eliminate the mess of wires behind your TV and make hanging it on the wall much easier.  The new QLED TVs from Samsung feature their new “Invisible Connection” cable, is a thin optical wire that carries content from the One Connect box to your Samsung TV. The cable is in-wall rated, so you can run it through drywall just like conventional cables. But the new cable is especially great for people who don’t want to run their cables through their walls, because it’s so thin and nearly transparent that it can easily blend into the wall. This cable will reduce the clutter behind your TV Set making for a clean look and, with both five and 15-meter options, will be applicable to most typical home theater setups.

The ‘No-gap wall-mount’ from Samsung makes it easy to quickly mount your QLED series TV flush against the wall. The No-gap mount truly seals your TV against the wall, making it look like a painting in an art gallery. This impressive mount adds a sense of style to your room, and paired with the new ‘Invisible Connection’ cable you can easily notice the improvements to design and usability in the QLED TV series. Samsung has also adopted this technology into some of their Quantum Dot Curved monitors.  Have a look at how they’ve integrated it into the monitor stand for a clean, clutter-free look:

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