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CES 2017: New Products from Belkin

Belkin has long been one of the top names in technology accessories, creating products that make it easier to use your tablet, computer, smartphone or other devices. At CES Unveiled, we got a closer look at some of their new accessories for 2017. While the selection was iPhone-heavy, Belkin does also have non-iOS options for most of these accessories in the pipeline. While it may seem like there’s only so much innovation a company can do with a power cable or phone case, Belkin has thought of some clever improvements to each.

Check out the DuraTek Lightning cable, which is wrapped in DuPont Kevlar fabric (the stuff used to make bulletproof vests), built to withstand 5000+bend cycles and equipped with a laser-welded connector that withstands over 40 lbs of force. It very well may be the last Lightning cable you ever buy.

The advanced materials and construction of the Belkin DuraTek will make it the last cable you ever need to buy.

Or the Apple Watch Valet charger, a portable power source that will fully recharge your Apple Watch from 0% battery life to full, eight times over. Check out the video below to learn more about all the other Belkin goodies we saw at CES.

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