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CES 2017: Mohu AirWave Wireless HD Antenna

We expected that one of the trends at this year’s CES would be continued development of products that help make cord-cutting and mobile consumption of media even easier than they’ve gotten in the past few years. And sure enough, one of the first products we saw at CES Unveiled was the new Mohu AirWave Wireless HD antenna, which will likely become a favorite of cord-cutters everywhere.

The Mohu AirWave solves a common problem for cord-cutters who rely on an antenna to tune in OTA channels, especially those who may have their TV in a basement or interior room of the home. In these spots, a typical HD antenna probably won’t be able to pick up many—or any—OTA channels. Previously, the only solution to this issue was to place the antenna somewhere it can receive a signal (or even get a rooftop antenna), and then run a length of cable down to the TV. But, we’re trying to cut cords here, not run more. Enter the Mohu AirWave, which can be placed at any spot in the home where the OTA signal is the best. It then connects to your wireless network and sends the signal to your smart TV or streaming media player through an app, just like any other streaming channel.

Mohu has also built-in some interesting image processing technologies and access to additional free channels, which you can learn more about in our video. The Mohu AirWave should be available in May for around $150.

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