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CES 2017: Libratone Zipp Speaker and Q Adapt Headphones

Scandinavian companies are often known for melding practical functions with striking, minimalist designs. Think Bang & Olufsen audio equipment or basically anything you can get at IKEA. At CES, we caught up with Libratone, a newer Danish company who are putting out some interesting products that espouse that same design philosophy.

The Libratone Zipp puts an original twist on the portable Bluetooth speaker, which is no small feat in such a saturated product category. Check out the zip feature that lets you change the speaker’s color, or the clever touch functions.

The Libratone Q Adapt Headphones are wireless Bluetooth headphones that feature a sleek leather-and-aluminum construction, and offer innovative technologies like the company’s City Mix. This feature allows users to set the intensity of the noise cancellation to one of four different levels—not just on or off like most noise cancelling headphones. They’re available in an on-ear version, or an in-ear version, the latter of which uses a Lightning connector to pull power for noise-cancellation from the phone.

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