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CES 2017: Klipsch Heritage Speakers

Klipsch is a brand that most would not consider when hearing the words “vintage design.” Though they’ve been in the game for seventy years, most of their current product line has a decidedly modern aesthetic, from the sleek black cabinets to the characteristic copper cones. But many have never been introduced to the Klipsch Heritage lineup, a series of high-end products that are hand-made in Hope, Arkansas, the town where Klipsch was founded. Each Heritage product features a vintage-inspired design, but is packed with the brand’s top-of-the-line audio technology, creating heirloom products meant to be treasured for generations. We caught up with Klipsch at CES and got a look and listen at some of the newest products in the Heritage line.

The Forte III speakers resurrect one of the most popular nameplates in the company’s history. These full-range, floor-standing speakers are crafted to deliver a multi-dimensional listening experience in just a single pair of speakers, without the need for an external subwoofer. Loaded with Klipsch’s newest technology, the Forte III meld the best of past and present Klipsch.

Klipsch Forte III

The Klipsch Forte III Loudspeaker

The Klipsch Fifteens take retrofuturism to a new level, blending some truly old-school sound-quality and aesthetics with today’s most cutting-edge technology. Built-in amps, DACS, optical inputs, phono inputs, and Bluetooth connectivity mean that the only other thing a listener needs to start enjoying some amazing sound is a smartphone, turntable, or other simple audio source. The Klipsch Fifteens offer a complete listening solution in a killer package. Check ’em out:

Of course, Klipsch didn’t forget about those looking for a more traditional, multi-component audio system. After all, audiophiles like our toys. The Klipsch Powergate Max is an integrated amp that puts a fully-connected multi-room listening solution into a retro, benchmade design. It’s the perfect foundation for a total-home Heritage system.

We saw a lot of cool A/V tech at CES, but stopping by the Klipsch booth to experience the unique Heritage lineup was definitely a highlight of the show. Look for these products to start hitting the market around or after the middle of the year.

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