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CES 2017: iPowerUp Solar Charging Phone Case

Whether you are texting your pals or watching the next big thing on YouTube, every now and then your phone needs to charge. But sometimes, depending on the time and place, you might not have access to a phone charger. Thanks to iPowerUp, our team was able to discover their newest product that can solve our charging issues, a solar charging phone case!

During the CES 2017 Unveiled event, iPowerUp showed off their next generation solar charging phone case. The phone case is an AC/DC USB charging case that can charge your phone without a cable. It’s convenient and gets you through the day without plugging it in! The solar charging device contains a digital meter, so it can tell you how much charge your phone is getting. The device averages about 450-500 milliamps per hour, meaning with an hour’s worth of solar charge, you can take 3 hr phone call or surf the web for an hour and a half. By the end of the day, you can plug in it in and it will charge both the phone case and your phone’s battery. For now, iPowerUp has these solar charging cases for Apple iPhones 6, 6s, and 7; but their next release will be for Samsung.

For more information check out https://ipowerup.com/

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