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CES 2017: Fossil Group Hybrid Smartwatches

Technology has rattled many industries in recent years, even the fashion world. So as anyone could imagine combining the two is not a simple feat. However, when it comes to a name brand company such as Fossil Group, merging the two has proved to be only successful. Fossil Group’s focus and fashion design expertise has successfully launched over 40 new smartwatch hybrids across a few of their accessory brands including Fossil, Skagan, MisFit, Kate Spade and much more. The cool thing about these hybrid models is that they look and feel like traditional analog watches, because they don’t have typical smartwatch displays. Yet they count your steps, monitor your sleep and send notifications to your wrist. Just download the associated app with each different brand and see your activity data. Our CES 2017 crew stopped by Fossil Group to learn more about their new fashion forward smartwatches.

So each brand’s app and functionality is different. For example, Fossil’s collection of hybrid smartwatches not only count your steps and alert you with notifications through the Fossil Q App, but with new Q Link technology you can also choose between ringing your phone, controlling music or taking a photo. In addition, if you’re someone who wants a smartwatch but dislikes the idea of having to charge yet another smart device, then the hybrid watch is exactly what you need. These watch’s battery lasts up to six months, give or a take a few!

We’re excited about the innovations in the timepiece sphere. Be sure to watch this space for more CES 2017 coverage!

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