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CES 2017: Cosmo Connected Brake Light

SpeedX wasn’t the only company at CES 2017 bringing smart technology to the world of two wheels. At CES Unveiled, we got a look at the Cosmo Connected smart brake lights. Designed for a motorcycle helmets—but adaptable to some bicycle helmets—the Cosmo Connected is an auxiliary brake light meant to be worn on the back of the rider’s helmet. In this position, the extra-bright light is at eye-level for other motorists on the road, making them more aware of the rider’s position. In addition to operating like a normal brake light—getting brighter as the rider stops—the Cosmo Connected can be set to constant flashing, or extra visibility.

More than just a brake light, Cosmo Connected also works with a dedicated app to keep you connected in case of an emergency. The light can detect when the rider has been in an accident or has a fall, and will send an alert to the smartphone app. The app, in turn, sends a distress message to an emergency contact or roadside assistance service, who will then contact the rider to find out their status. If there’s no answer from the rider, a rescue team can be dispatched to the rider’s location, which is recorded via the smartphone’s GPS.

The Cosmo Connected will be available in May, and retail for $99. The base price lets users place a friend or family member as the emergency contact, or pay a nominal monthly fee to subscribe to the roadside assistance service. Either way, it could be a smart investment if you spend a lot of time on two wheels.

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