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CES 2017: AcousticSheep Dozer and SleepPhones

If you’re one of the estimated 60 million people a year who have trouble falling asleep, you may have found that listening to soothing music before bed makes the Zs come easier. In fact, the practice is actually encouraged, especially for those with chronic sleep disorders or the over-stressed. But if you’ve ever tried it with headphones, chances are you’ve woken up tangled in cord, if you were lucky enough to get the headphones to stay on for more than a few minutes. And headphones are pretty much a no-go if you’re a side-sleeper. AcousticSheep aims to change the game for bedtime music listeners.

The AcousticSheep SleepPhones were designed by a doctor, specifically to be worn while falling asleep. They use a set of slim, padded headphones, wrapped in a soft fabric headband, which is optimized for comfort even when sleeping on your side. The speakers are removable, for easy washing of the headband, and available in both wired and wireless options. A 13-hour battery life means they’ll last well through a full night of sleep, and a wireless range of 15-30 feet lets you keep your smartphone safely on a nightstand. The AcousticSheep SleepPhones are currently available for purchase.

acoustic sheep sleepphones

The AcousticSheep Dozer is the company’s newest product, taking the idea of music as a sleep aid and putting it in a child-friendly package. Inside the stuffed plush sheep is a music player that can play your child’s favorite lullabies or white noise to soothe them to sleep. Additionally, the Dozer offers sleep tracking technologies that will give parents an idea of how well their child slept. The AcousticSheep Dozer will be available later this year.

So far, we’re loving all the innovative new brands we’ve met at CES. Stay tuned for more coverage from some of Abt’s favorite brands.

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