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CES 2016: D3O Impact Protection

In a convention full of gadgets and gizmos, we stopped by D3O‘s booth to check out their product, which—in its natural state—has a decidedly more organic look than the tech it’s designed to protect. Used in everything from smartphone cases to motorcycle jackets, the D3O material is what’s known as a non-Newtonian fluid; sometimes its properties resemble those of a liquid, sometimes it behaves more like a solid. This unique trait lends itself well to products that benefit from need to sometimes be flexible, and sometimes rigid. At their CES 2016 booth, D3O had a vat full of raw material:

And just in case their reps were pulling some sort of illusionist trickery on us, we decided to sacrifice Josh’s hand to find out.

Here’s a bit of info on how the technology works:

how d3o works

We’re looking forward to seeing the D3O material integrated into more products in the future. Have you had any experience with a product that uses D3O? We’d love to hear how you liked it!

Additionally, stay tuned for more recaps from CES 2016, right here on The Bolt. We’re reporting on all the latest and greatest tech announcements from new brands and classic favorites.

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