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CES 2016: ASUS Chromebook C202

ASUS just designed a new laptop that can save classrooms money and time. Many schools provide laptops for students and sometimes when they are returned at the end of the year, they’re in pretty bad shape. Luckily at CES 2016, ASUS showed us how classrooms and students can benefit from the durable design of the Chromebook C202. This ASUS laptop is designed to prevent damage from drops and spills. To prevent major damage from being dropped, the edges of the laptop are rubberized. Also, the laptop has a comfortable keyboard that students can type on that is spill proof. The spill proof keyboard is meant to protect the bottom layer from light spills. The spill proof feature should work properly so your laptop doesn’t get fried.

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Worst case scenario, if the laptop does get damaged, it isn’t the end of the world. The laptop’s design makes repairs easier because it has the capability of being disassembled in a maximum of 4 steps. The modular design of the laptop makes it easy to swap out damaged parts with new ones. Repairs will be easier, that means less downtime and more learning. The Chromebook C202 and other Chromebook models are designed to access your Google account and for basic school work. The Chromebook C202 will have models with 2 GB and 4 GB of RAM and will be available in a few months!

Keep an eye out for the Chromebook C202 to hit the stores or you can click here to check out our selection of ASUS laptops.

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