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CES 2015: LG Mini Washer Pedestal Lets You Do Two Loads of Laundry At Once

It’s not often that we see something truly new enter the world of home laundry appliances. Since the debut of the front-loading washer and high-efficiency models, washing machines have stayed basically unchanged. Of course, a washing machine is just a box that holds water and spins your clothes until they’re clean. So besides refinements like the debut of the smart washer, there’s not really much else to bring to the table, right? LG thinks otherwise.

Today we got a look at the new LG Mini Washer WD200CV, a self-contained washing machine that fits in the same space as a typical washing machine pedestal. Used to raise front-load washers and dryers to a height that makes loading and unloading more comfortable for the user, pedestals are simple platforms, often hiding a storage drawer. But what if instead of storage, a pedestal gave you more washing volume? That’s the idea behind the LG Mini Washer.

lg mini washer

Adaptable to most recent models of LG washing machines, the LG Mini Washer gives users the ability to run two loads of laundry at once. Do your dark clothes in the main machine, while whites run in the bottom. Or wash your jeans on top, while more delicate items go in the Mini Washer. The Mini Washer can even run on its own, letting you save water and energy when you only need to wash an item or two. It features LG proprietary technologies like WaveForce, which uses specific drum movement and jets of water to give fabrics a deep cleaning.

The LG Mini Washer should be hitting stores this spring, with an expected retail price of $499.

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