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CES 2014: 3D Printing Brings Your Imagination to Life

3D printing technology has been all the craze the last year or so.  We’ve mentioned it a few times before, from dinosaurs to movie props, 3D printing brings to life anything you can imagine.  At CES 3D printing showed off how precise and colorful these new machines can get.  One exhibit displayed a doll house, fully equipped with rooms and everything tiny dolls could need.

doll house exterior

doll house interior

There was even a fully functional drum set.

drum set

While all of these things are creative and incredibly beautiful, many people behind 3D printing can see a bigger future than just great looking designs.  The healthcare industry is a potential customer as 3D printing becomes more and more precise.  Imagine a world where you can quickly design an artificial finger, limb, or even artery from a 3D printer.  The future of 3D printing is here now, and only developer’s imagination can tell what it will create.

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