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CES 2013 Recap

CES 2013 has come and gone, leaving in its wake an assortment of awesome new tech toys. Some, like the Sharp 8K TV or Samsung’s Curved OLED TV, were intended mostly as proof-of-concept, and won’t be hitting our shelves or your home theater any time in the next few years. Others will be available very soon, or already are. Whatever the case, there’s no doubt that it’s an exciting time for electronics consumers, especially the multimedia junkies. Keep your eyes on our blog this week as we recap all of the best (and maybe the worst) appliances, electronics and futuristic concepts of CES 2013, and stop by the Abt Electronics Facebook page for more pics and videos.


Our intrepid CES 2013 team, Adam and Josh.

Whirlpool Showcases Possible Kitchen of the Future
ASUS Varidrive: The Perfect Ultrabook Companion

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    Samsung Meets SodaStream - Abt Technology Blog
    May 10, 2017 at 1:34 pm

    […] At CES 2013 this year, it was pretty interesting to see appliances enter the fray of the world’s biggest electronics show.  One of the leaders in technologically advanced appliances has been Samsung.  They recently  announced their new 36” four-door refrigerator will have the industry’s first-ever automatic sparkling water dispenser. […]

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