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CES 2011 – LG Flicker Free 3D TV

At CES 2011 shoppers found more than on type of 3D technology. Though 3D technology has still yet to prove mainstream in homes, the technology still continues to evolve. LG displays their non-glasses 3D TV experience. My experience is it didn’t look too great until I was standing directly in from of the TV.

LG announced a flicker free 3D TV that does not require shutter glasses.  Unlike traditional 3D technology, LG’s LW6500 Cinema 3D TVs do not require shutter glasses, instead images are displayed on the TV without flicker.

You’ll still need a pair of 3D glasses when viewing the LG LW6500, but without flicker, viewing the image will be more comfortable and less strenuous on your eyes. The glasses weight approximately 16 grams and have no electrical parts this mean they will never need to be recharged. Pricing on these glasses are much more affordable so buying a dozen pairs for your friends and family won’t put a chunk out of the bank.

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