Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With Green Electronics

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up this Tuesday, most of the celebrating is probably going to take place this weekend, with lots of wearing of the green and drinking of the green and faces turning green. Another way to celebrate is to proudly show off your new green electronics to all your friends and other Irish— or temporarily Irish—revelers.

Abt carries a great selection of green products, whether green in color or “green” in the environmentally friendly sense. The 16GB green iPod nano will let you share up to 4,000 songs with people at your party or patrons at the pub. That means you can treat everyone to 3,999 variations of “Danny Boy” that they’ve never heard.

You’ll want to keep your hands free for holding food and beverages, of course, so Marware’s green and grey iPod nano Eco Runner Armband will come in handy. It’s made with eco-friendly materials and can be worn either on your wrist or your upper arm.

Marware Eco Runner Armband

To make sure the tunes keep flowing, the Solio Classic Black Universal Solar Charger has an internal rechargeable battery that can store energy from either the sun or the wall socket. It works with several types of gadgets, including mobile phones, and just one hour of sunshine will give you 20 minutes of talk time or 50 minutes of music on your iPod nano or other MP3 player.

Have a great St. Patrick’s Day, and thank you for supporting the health of the Irish liquor industry and the Earth.    —by Graham W.

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