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Video Highlight! Dyson Gen5 Detect

A graphic design that reads "Dyson Gen5 Detect" and features photos of the vacuum and it's multiple detachable parts.

When it comes to to-do lists, cleaning the house is often the one task we dread the most. Tidying your living space takes time and can often be tiresome, especially if the mess you’re taking on is large. But thanks to high-quality cleaning products from brands like Dyson, vacuuming does not have to be the hardest step. In the video below, one of Abt’s technologists, Andrew, does an overview of the Dyson…

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Flat Top Griddles And How To Use Them

A flat top griddle with steak, shrimp, fajitas and tortillas

If there’s one thing everyone can agree they love, it’s grilling. So what do we do when flat top griddles have taken the summer stage? These versatile cookers can supplement the classic backyard barbecue. While the new models of the season are crafted by longtime grillmasters who make Weber grills and Traeger pellet grills, there’s still a lot to learn. We’ll walk through how to get started with seasoning, as well as…

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Kitchen Products

The New & Improved Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher

Full kitchen with Bosch 800 Series dishwasher.

The newest Bosch 800 Series dishwasher has emerged as a shining star in the world of appliances, setting new standards for cleanliness, convenience and innovation. The fresh 2023 models aren’t yet available, but the newest features look incredibly exciting. In four different colors, this pick offers features that are poised to revolutionize the way we approach dishwashing. Let’s take a look at three highlights that are sure to impress and leave you…

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Audio Computers

Back To School Tech: School Laptops & More

A female student wearing headphones taking notes from a textbook and from an open laptop in front of her.

Back-to-school shopping has begun and while collecting notebooks and folders for your classes is a fast and easy task, buying technology and electronics can be intimidating. Where do you start when there are so many choices? How can you be sure your big investment is going towards a device that will really work for you? Look no further than our back-to-school technology recommendations. We have school laptops, headphones and even more products…

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Photography Products TVs & Electronics

Back-To-School Checklist: Study Abroad Edition!

Back-to-school is an exciting time that looks different for everyone; some students are starting college for the first time, others are entering their last year of middle school, and others are about to study abroad! Attending school in a new country will grant you exposure to incredible cultures and experiences, leaving you with unforgettable memories. That being said, your trip will require some more preparation than your typical back-to-school routine. As someone…

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Products TVs & Electronics

New & Now: Sony A80L OLED 4K TV

Living room featuring Sony BRAVIA A80L OLED 4K TV.

In the realm of top-tier TVs, the Sony A80L OLED 4K TV stands as a true gem, capturing the essence of cinematic brilliance and immersive entertainment. At Abt, it has earned its place as a staff pick, revered for its unparalleled image quality, contrast and brightness. Whether you’re a movie enthusiast, a gaming aficionado or a casual viewer seeking the epitome of home entertainment, this Sony TV brings forth a theater-like presentation…

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Appliances Products

The Best New Smart Appliances Available Now

Man standing in kitchen with coffee using his smart fridge.

Staying on top of the latest home technology trends can be challenging. With new smart appliances hitting the market all the time, it’s hard to know which ones are really worth investing in. As a leading electronics and appliance retailer, Abt carries all of the newest and most innovative smart appliances on the market. If you’re ready to upgrade some of your home appliances and want to create a smart home, you’re…

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Kitchen Products

Why Choose Dishwasher Drawers?

A double fisher & Paykel dishdrawer, with the top drawer sliding out

Dishwashers are some of the most integral appliances in the kitchen, and it’s important to look at all of your options when you’re choosing one. These days, there are more choices than ever: opt for a model with adjustable racks, a third rack, or dual washing arms. Alternatively, go a completely different direction with the unique dishwasher drawer. Brought to the market by Fisher & Paykel (who still dominate the market), the…

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Must-Have Dorm Appliances

Two young girls unpacking a box full of decorations and dorm appliances in their new room at college.

Now that you (or your child) have graduated high school, it’s time to take on the next adventure: college. With only a few weeks to prepare for the big move, there are plenty of appliances that you’ll need for your living space in order to increase productivity and independence. If you’re not sure where to start, explore our recommendations. Some of the products below are even available to win in our 2023…

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Workout Accessories For Every Fitness Regimen

A woman tying her shows surrounded by workout accessories like a yoga mat, headphones, a water bottle and a free weight.

When it comes to fitness, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in aerobics, pilates, dancing or hiking, you’ll want products that are just as versatile as your exercise options. At Abt, we offer workout accessories that can be adapted to any regimen and benefit your health long-term. Take a look at our recommendations and get ready to break a sweat! Fitbit Sense 2 Advanced Health & Fitness Smartwatch Monitor your progress…

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