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Reviewing the Bowers & Wilkins Pi7 S2 Earbuds

The Bowers & Wilkins Pi7 S2 earbuds are the new flagship earbuds from the high-end audio brand. Available in three different colors, these buds boast a 24-bit connection and amazing sound quality. If you’re an audiophile looking for great sound quality with the convenient portability of earbuds, these definitely have potential.  Of course, you’ll want to do some research before spending $400 on new earbuds. Luckily, we have a review that covers…

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Abt Exclusive Audio Videos

Video Highlight! JBL PartyBox 710

A group of people dancing and celebrating poolside, with a large glowing speaker next to them.

As summer fast approaches, your backyard becomes the perfect place for hosting and entertaining all your friends and family. Whether it’s a Fourth of July celebration or a neighborhood barbecue, there is no better way to get the party started than a powerful outdoor speaker. In the video below, one of Abt’s top technologists, Carl, does an overview of the JBL PartyBox 710 speaker. Start curating the perfect playlist and keep reading…

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Audio Products

New and Now at Abt: Sonos Era 300

woman sitting in a chair listening to music from two white Sonos Era 300 speakers

The Sonos Era 300 drops tomorrow, and we’re so excited for the latest offering from the audio giant. If you’re a Sonos fan looking to update your home audio system, be sure to place your pre-order today. What we love about the newest drop from Sonos is that it offers spatial audio from a single speaker unit, so you don’t have to invest in an expensive audio system. Its hourglass design provides…

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Audio Products

Soundbar Showdown: Bose Smart Soundbar 600 vs. Sonos Beam Gen 2

As TVs get thinner, soundbars are more popular than ever. But how do you choose which is best for you? Bose and Sonos are both incredibly popular brands at Abt, and each brand makes great soundbars. Our video team has weighed the pros and cons of the Bose Smart Soundbar 600 and the Sonos Beam Gen 2 to help you decide which is best for your setup: Design & Dimensions When it…

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Audio CES CES 2023

CES 2023 Showcases The Victrola Stream Onyx!

Victrola Stream Onyx from CES playing a record

CES 2023 is just getting started on the west coast today, but we’ve already got head-turning technology. Between each year’s iteration of foldable and rollable screens, it’s nice to take a step back from bright monitors and TVs and listen to high-quality audio, and that’s what Victrola announced today with their Victrola Stream Onyx. The Victrola Stream Onyx is an evolution of last year’s Carbon model, and both are certified for Works…

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Abt Exclusive Audio Home Theater TVs & Electronics

Best Gifts for the Movie Lover

Gifts for The Movie Lover beside a movie clapperboard

Gifts for the movie lover are some of the easiest ones to find at Abt thanks to our broad selection of AV gear and televisions. Whether your family tussles for the remote all the time or you’re looking to upgrade date night for the cinephile in your life, we’ve got diverse gifts across the budget spectrum. Check out our collection below for suggestions on new ways to kick up your home theater…

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Audio Products

Welcoming House of Marley to Abt

black House of Marley logo on white background

We’re so excited to announce that House of Marley has joined Abt’s product offering! For those that aren’t familiar, the brand specializes in audio products including headphones, speakers and turntables. The coolest part? As the name suggests, the brand was founded in collaboration with music icon Bob Marley’s family. In honor of the brand’s namesake, these products balance preserving our planet with creating beautiful music. Each item is the perfect blend of…

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Abt Exclusive Audio News

Employee Spotlight! John Samp & Mobile Electronics

John Samp at ABt

While we recently posted about the Mobile Electronics department’s stunning renovation on the sales floor, it’s time to showcase some of the work that happens behind the scenes. This garage is where the rubber meets the road, and it all happens because of folks who get their hands dirty taking cars apart and putting them back together. Whether customers desire all-new equipment like enhanced car stereos complete with GPS systems or clients…

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