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Camping Must-Haves at Abt

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Temperatures are rising, which means it’s time to bust out the backpacks and plan your next camping trip. Before you get back into the great outdoors, make sure you’re prepared. To have a safe and enjoyable experience, you’ll need the right equipment with you. Hydration, food and entertainment will take your trip to the next level. Whether you need a new portable grill or a camera for stunning nature shots, you can find all your camping must-haves at Abt.

Portable Grill

If you’re hiking or fishing, you’re going to get hungry from all that physical activity. Instead of relying on an unsatisfying snack, why not whip up a meal in the great outdoors? A great portable grill from a reliable brand like Weber is the perfect mealtime solution. A perfectly-charred cheeseburger is the perfect outdoor meal and these BBQ cookers are specifically designed for on-the-go adventures. Often times these grills come on a cart or can be locked into a cart with wheels so you can easily wheel it from your car to the campground. The carts also fold up, making them easy to carry.

Insulated Tumbler

Arguably the most important item on our list of camping must-haves is a water bottle. Hydration is key to staying safe and feeling your best, especially if you’re hiking on a hot day. We love insulated tumblers because they keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot; that way, you can keep your water or coffee at the ideal temperature. They’re more durable and better for the environment than plastic water bottles and are easy to refill, too. With tons of color options, everyone in your camping crew can grab one in their favorite color. Opt for a slim style that can easily fit in your backpack’s outer pocket.

Digital Camera

Spending time outdoors exposes you to the beauty of nature. If you want to remember a beautiful view or a happy time with friends for years to come, capturing it in a photo is the perfect solution. Investing in a digital camera is worth the money for professional-quality photos of all your camping trips. You can even frame them in your home or make a photo album. A great camera will be useful even when you’re back home from your outdoor adventure so you can capture memories all summer long. Either opt for a package that includes a camera and some lenses or buy the body separately and choose a lens that suits the kind of photos you want to take.

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Portable Speaker

Rounding out the list of our camping must-haves is a portable speaker. Without WiFi, you’ll have to find ways to keep yourself entertained. Portable speakers are great to blast a fun playlist while you chill around a bonfire or catch up on everyone’s favorite podcast during lunch. There are many waterproof and dustproof portable speakers available so choose something that can withstand your camping trip. Other options come with handles or clips so they can easily attach to your bag so you can keep the party going on the trail. They’re small enough to slip in your backpack when it’s time to turn in for the night.


Summer is right around the corner and it’s time to get back into the great outdoors. Whether you’re visiting your favorite hiking trail or roughing it in the woods, Abt is here for you. Be sure to check out all of our camping must-haves and outdoor essentials for a fun (and safe!) adventure.

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