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B&W Speaker Gallery Now Open

B&W Speakers find a new home at Abt Electronics

One of the latest additions to our product selection, and one that’s got our audio guys really excited, is our new collection of speakers from Bowers & Wilkins. B&W Speakers (as they’re known to their fans) are some of the most highly-rated speakers available today. One of the progenitors of audiophile-level speakers, B&W have continuously put out innovative products that have won over the hearts and ears of audio fanatics the world over. B&W equipment can be found in the most prestigious studios in the professional audio industry, including George Lucas’s Skywalker Sound and the storied Abbey Road Studios in London.


The new Bowers & Wilkins gallery at Abt.

We were able to repurpose an area of our showroom to give some of the most popular B&W speakers their own floor space, with the new Bowers & Wilkins Gallery. Every speaker B&W makes is created to achieve one universal goal: create the most accurate and natural sounds possible. Instead of chasing gimmicks like Super Extended Bass and other artificial sound modes, B&W speakers are designed simply to sound as close to the source material as conceivable. This commitment to perfection might suggest a certain out-of-reach price range, but  even entry-level B&W Speakers meet these quality standards.  In the gallery are just a sample of the B&W products we carry; our complete collection encompasses a wide range of styles and prices.


Along with the speakers and informational displays about Bowers & Wilkins, you’ll find a state-of-the art home theater system, featuring a cutting-edge Sony 4K Projector displaying high definition movies on a constant-height Stewart Filmscreen. Backed by an array of hidden CT Series B&W Speakers which are powered by a separate processor and amplifier from Rotel, and controlled by a massive Crestron touchscreen panel with access to a server loaded with the newest Bluray releases and music’s most popular albums, the theater in the Bowers & Wilkins Gallery can give professional cinemas a run for their money.


Bowers & Wilkins PM1 Bookshelf Speaker


B&W Zeppelin Air Wireless Speaker Dock

You can see more of our selection of B&W speakers  online, or if you’re in the vicinity of our Chicago-area showroom, we invite you to stop by the B&W Gallery, grab some popcorn and put on your favorite film or album.

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