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Burn it up with Pioneer

Be on the look out for Pioneer’s Blu-ray DVD Burner. Coming this October, their first Blu-ray burner will be in stores. When the new Blu-ray burner hits stores, it will retail for $249.
The Pioneer BDR-205 is the first and fastest burner that is capable of writing at a speed of 12x.

Steve Cohn, Director of Optical Disc Sales talked about the new BDR-205 during a press release for the burner today, “The BDR-205 drive represents our ongoing efforts to combine Pioneer’s engineering expertise with advanced technologies, and our next generation Blu-ray Disc writer is a great example of our no-compromise approach to optical disc product development.”

This Burner will allow large volumes of data to be stored in a short time. It will also be essential for authors of Hi-Def films—they will be able to easily test the HD quickly. In addition storage and professional uses, it will be capable of high-speed recording for DVD and CD media.

One question is floating around about the new burner, which blank discs will it be able to burn at the 12x speed, other than Panasonic and Sony? Currently, it has only been rated to burn at 12x on those two brands. This is not to say that it won’t with other brands, we just don’t know yet.

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-Kelly B.

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