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Building Your Dream Backyard


Now that the weather is getting better, there’s no doubt that we are spending more time outside. So where is the best place to entertain your guest this summer? That place is your backyard! Whether you have a big or small yard space, the ideas are endless for building the ultimate backyard. Here at Abt, we have the essentials you need for creating or upgrading your backyard patio.



1. Outdoor Theater

Create your backyard into an outdoor theater! You can install an outdoor TV and watch your favorite movie or the ball game. Outdoor TVs like SunBrite allow you to enjoy watching TV in the comfort of your own backyard. Outdoor TVs are designed to last you a very long time, they are strongly built and weatherproof.  You can permanently install an outdoor TV on the wall and leave it outside without any worries.

2. Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor speakers would be a great touch for your entertaining space, adding music to your patio might be just what you need! Outdoor speakers such as Sonance are designed to handle all kinds of weather and deliver great quality sound. Most outdoor speakers are weatherproof, they can handle direct contact from rain, sun, and the cold; speakers that are not weather resistant may need some sort of protection. To avoid exposed and tangled cables, there are many outdoor speakers that are wireless and Bluetooth compatible.

3. Outdoor Cooking

Summer is all about food and grilling! A backyard isn’t complete without an outdoor grill. Show off your awesome grilling skills by investing in a great grill. Choose from different types of grills such as charcoal, liquid propane, and natural gas. We carry a large selection of grills of different sizes and colors from brands like Weber, Viking Outdoor, and more.

4. Mosquito Repellant

Get rid of those pesky mosquito and get yourself a mosquito trap, don’t let the mosquito stop the party. Mosquito traps produce Co2, heat, and water vapor to attract the insects, and eventually lure them into a trapping bag.

5. Outdoor Seating and Furniture

Seating and outdoor furniture is a must for your entertaining space. There should be plenty of seating for your guests, so consider investing in furniture that is comfortable, stylish and of course, functional. There are many types of seating options you can choose from depending on the space that is available. For smaller areas, lounge chairs or two piece sets are better options, or even a hanging outdoor pod swing! For larger spaces, couches or patio sets would be best for your backyard. Most sets include chairs, recliners, tables and more.  Each piece of furniture come in a variety of styles and colors, so you can choose what best fits your style.

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