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Building the Ultimate Affordable Home Theater: Black Friday 2015 Edition.

For die-hard movie fans and even casual viewers alike, it’s hard to beat the experience of watching a great movie in the comfort of your own home theater. You don’t have to deal with noisy strangers, expensive popcorn, sticky floors, or the plethora of other annoyances that often accompany the typical theater outing. Plus, you can take a bathroom break without missing any of the action! With the rising price of tickets to the cinema, compared to the continuously-dropping prices of great home theater tech, it’s easier now than ever to bring the cinema experience home. Today, we’re building a home theater system with Black Friday Weekend special pricing, with the goal of staying under $1000 total. And even though it will be inexpensive, this system will feature products from some of the best brands in the business.

lg 50lf6000

The LG 50LF6000 50-inch LED TV

We’ll start with the television first. For this build, we’ve chosen the LG 50LF6000, a 50-inch 1080P LED TV. At 50 inches, it’s a good size for the average den or man cave, and ideal for a room where your viewing distance is anywhere from 6 to 10 feet.  And at a special Black Friday Weekend price of $449, you’re not likely to find more screen size for less. You could go a little bigger or move up to 4K for a big higher a cost, but we feel this TV is at the sweet spot for features, size and price. Full HD resolution, plus LG’s Triple XD Engine and Trumotion 120hz technologies mean that you’ll still be getting a great picture, even at such a low price-point.

sony bdp s3500

Sony BDP S3500 Smart Blu-Ray Player

A TV is only as good as the source that’s feeding it, which is why we’re opting for the Sony BDP-S3500 Blu-Ray player as our home theater’s main video source. It will feed full HD video to your TV, so every scene in the latest Hollywood blockbuster comes through with stunning detail. And thanks to built in Wi-Fi connectivity, it  also has a few neat features that will add extra entertainment options to your theater. You can take advantage of streaming apps like Netflix and VUDU to get movies and TV shows on demand, including some of the newest movies that have not yet been released on video. And gamers will love the built-in Playstation Now feature, which lets you play PS3 games directly on your TV, with no gaming console required. At just $49.99, it’s one of the best home video deals of the season.

sony str dh 750

Sony STR-DH750 7.2 Channel Receiver

With video set, it’s time to address sound. Sure, you can rely on your TV’s integrated speakers, or even a soundbar that mimics a surround sound system. But for true immersion, there’s nothing better than multiple actual speakers, driven by a dedicated A/V receiver.  Our sound system is going to be powered by the Sony STR-DH750 7.2 Channel A/V receiver. This beast offers a total of 1015 watts of power over 7 speaker channels, rendering every bit of dialogue clearly while ensuring every explosion comes through with a big boom. Bluetooth connectivity lets you wirelessly stream music from a smartphone or tablet through your theater speakers, and 4 HDMI inputs give you the freedom to connect multiple video sources. And while we won’t be taking advantage of the 4K pass-through features or all seven channels of audio, the fact that this receiver sports those specs means that when you upgrade your TV or add more speakers, you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

Connected to the receiver will be the Klipsch Quintet 5 Channel Home Theater Speaker System. This five-speaker set features Klipsch’s renowned audio quality in a small package, making for a powerful yet unobtrusive system that will be right at home even in a small theater room. Featuring new Linear Travel Suspension tweeters for crisp high notes, and redesigned woofers for maximum bass output, everything from an onscreen whisper to an apocalyptic earthquake will come through sounding great.

klipsch quintet 5

Klipsch Quintet 5 Surround Sound Speaker Set

With these four items, you’ll be getting a home theater experience that rivals the quality of many systems that cost double or more what this one does. With Black Friday pricing, the total comes out to just $970.99, with every product shipping for free. Of course, there *are* a few more things we might recommend. If you stretch your budget to $1200, we suggest adding a subwoofer to the speaker package, for added bass that helps replicate the theater experience. But for just a thousand dollars, this setup is guaranteed to bring plenty of enjoyment to the movie buffs in your life. Click through the links to see the special pricing, or give our sales specialists a call at 888-228-5800 for more info. But be sure to hurry, quantities are limited on all products, and these prices will only be available this weekend!

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