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Build Your Dream Man Cave With a Little Help from Abt

Lots of Money

You’re walking down the street and a man approaches you at the corner.  He’s glaring at the new pair of Jordans on your feet like they are crafted of Sphinx leather and laces of Rumpelstiltskin’s golden thread.  He tells you he’s a dignitary from a far away land and he’s visiting America on a diplomatic journey to bring western capitalism to his home country. He explains that he’s made a lot of money over the past few years selling Unicorn horns to collectors and he must have your shoes. He reaches deep into his pocket and just when you think he’s going to pull out a six-inch switch blade and cut them straight off your feet, he pulls out a ruby-laden checkbook and offers you a blank check for the rubber and leather around your toes.

What do you do? Obviously, you make the sale and take the next cab over to Abt Electronics and start building your dream man cave.  It’s just your luck – We’ve already spent the time finding exactly what you need to build that grotto of gentleman’s dreams.

Let’s start off with the centerpiece of the domain – an entertainment built for a Unicorn horn peddling dignitary. Right smack-dab in the middle of your view is a 90-inch 3D LED TV by Sharp. This media powerhouse, complete with all the connected “smart” features you desire, is floats along the wall with the aid of Sanus Tilting Wall Mount.

Great visuals just aren’t enough – a custom surround sound system brings the picture to life. The hub for the audio is an Onkyo 9.2 Channel 3D-ready Home Theater Network Receiver that lets you play your favorite tunes from just about any source with full, vibrant, sound that brings life to any room. To finish off the sound for the home theater section of the man cave, we’ve got a 2-pair of Focal Electra bookshelf speakers – mounted in the front and rear, as well as a Focal Chorus 800 V Series Center Channel Speaker, to create the surround sound effect.  Bringing the bass are dual Focal Chorus 800 V Series Subwoofers so you get the entire sound spectrum. We’ll carry the sound throughout the entire domain with some strategically placed in-ceiling speakers by Bang & Olufsen so no matter where you’re hanging out, the audible ambiance will remain intact.

So, we’ve got an amazing audio/video system set up but you can’t just sit around and watch TV all day can you? Ok, with system maybe, but it’s just simply not enough for a room with Abt’s signature on it. Enter the Chicago Gaming Compnay’s Arcade Legends Pedestal. Once you mount the 42″ LG LED TV, you’ll experience 130 of your favorite arcade classics like never before including Golden Tee one and two.

Once you work up a sweat hustling your friends in one of the 28 extra Golden Tee courses, reach to your U-Line Stainless Steel Beverage Center for one the 31 available bottles of wine or other drinks kept at the optimum refreshment temperature.  We could build a pretty bomb man cave munchy zone with the help of The Design Center at Abt but, with the billions of available options – we’ll leave that up to your imagination.

Lastly, everything is controlled on a Control4 system. Keep the lights, temperature, even the music exactly where you want them from your mobile device. Better yet, if some unwanted, non-man cave permitted individual (wives, sisters, mother-in-laws) venture down into your space, you get a text message alerting you of their intrusion so you can call on the attack dogs (not sold at Abt).

You think I was too frugal with my design? Well, now it’s your turn. What are you doing with a blank check to Abt Electronics? What would your sanctuary of solitude consist of?

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