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Boost Your Portable Device’s Internet Strength

The holidays are over, you’ve finished unwrapping all your presents.  As the remnants of the wrappings and boxes your prized items came in are gone, you are left with trying to master your newest prized electronic device.  Many may have gotten a new smartphone, laptop or even tablet computer.  If you are enjoying Wi-Fi in your house, but sometimes your surfing gets a little cattywampus when you are in the basement or far corners of your home, Abt may have a solution for you.

With the Linksys Wireless-N-Range you can enhance your Wi-Fi signal, wherever you are in the house.  Enjoy extended network coverage and experience faster Internet connectivity.  Set up is simple.  Just plug the Linksys Wireless-N-Range Extender to your existing router.  It’ll share information with your unit.  once completed, you can plug in the extender, wherever you want in your house and the

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