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Best Laptops for School and College

Silver laptop with yellow text on the screen that reads "best laptops for school"

Silver laptop with yellow text on the screen that reads "best laptops for school"

When we talk about the best laptops for school or college, there’s a lot to consider. If you’re planning on taking all your class notes on your computer, then portability will be a priority; after all, no one wants to break their back lugging around a ten-ton computer to every class. On the other hand, maybe you plan to take your laptop on overnight trips with your sports team or a school club. In that case, your biggest concern will be battery life. If you’re on a budget, you might prioritize a sturdy but cost-effective device. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered with our list of the best laptops for school in multiple categories. So let’s get started!


Best Overall Function

Apple MacBooks are known for their quality design. The Apple MacBook Air might not be the most cost-efficient choice, but it’s got amazing power and battery life. With the impressive M2 chip in its design, this laptop gives you fast capabilities that last all day. The M2 chip is a component that combines computer processes like short-term memory, encryption, machine learning and storage in one place. These functions all used to be in different areas on your laptop. Integrating them gets this computer working faster than other models and gives you a long-lasting battery and powerful performance. 

The Liquid Retina display makes it easier to take notes in class and more enjoyable to watch movies during downtime. Meanwhile, the light design (the 13.6-inch Air weighs only 2.7 pounds) makes this computer easy to carry between classes. These features combine to make the MacBook Air one of the best laptops for school this year. 



At less than two pounds, the 15.6-inch Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro not only gives you a brilliant display perfect for taking notes and writing papers, but it’s also light enough to carry to every class without fatigue. Samsung is known for its televisions and smartphones and the same design quality that made these devices a success also translates to Samsung computers. This laptop’s display has a 1MM:1 contrast ratio and also adapts to the lighting around you to reduce eye strain. Of course, you plan to start all your papers on time, but if you ever do find yourself pulling an all-nighter, it’s nice to have a display that can accommodate that. The AMOLED screen is also 33% brighter to make watching movies and playing games in your downtime extra enjoyable. In addition to that, this laptop has a powerful Intel® Core™ processor, perfect for doing intense research on a multitude of sites as well as for making video and gaming action smoother. 

Laptop and coffee mug on yellow background


When it comes to reducing price, sacrificing size can help lower the bill, but we don’t recommend doing that unless you absolutely have to. In college, studying with  a small screen can become fatiguing and it might be best to pay a little more than you intended to purchase a cost-efficient laptop with a larger screen. One way to do this is to buy an older model like the Asus VivoBook 15, released in 2019. 

Asus laptops usually have designs specifically geared towards gamers, creators or general use. In Asus computers made for everyday use, the expertise that brings users excellent processing and image quality on more specialized devices comes through. The 15.6-inch Asus VivoBook 15 is my personal pick for the best laptop for school. At $430, it’s highly cost-efficient considering what you get for your money. The AMD Ryzen™ 5 processor gives you enough power to work on multiple assignments and quickly complete online research. At 3.7 pounds, this laptop is reasonably lightweight, especially considering its screen is over 15 inches. The backlit keyboard also works well for late-night studying or typing notes in dim classrooms. In addition to its relatively affordable price, this durable laptop is designed to last, so it should save you money in the long run, too. 

Find the Best Laptop for School at Abt

When it comes to choosing the best laptops for school, there’s a lot to consider and this list is just meant to get you started. It’s important to think about your particular needs; a student majoring in graphic design might prioritize processing power and image quality, while a college athlete might want a laptop with extended battery life so they can get work done during trips to away games. Whatever your priorities, we hope this list will point you in the right direction so you can get this college year off to an excellent start. To find more laptops and computers that will fit any of your work or school needs, head into Abt today!

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