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Best Gifts for the Traveler

Plane in blue sky with pink clouds with the words "gifts for the traveler"

Plane in blue sky with pink clouds with words that say "gift for the traveler"


This holiday season, we’ve found the best gifts for the traveler in your life. Our list includes cameras that will help your loved one document every exciting memory and a photo printer that will allow them to preserve a hard copy of these memories as well as travel accessories that will help make it easy and more fun to jet off at a moment’s notice. 


black Focal Bathys wireless headphones viewed from the front at a 45-degree angle on a white backgroundFocal Bathys Wireless Headphones: Give your travel lover the gift of high-fidelity music that they can enjoy in airports and on long flights. Every aspect of these wireless headphones helps bring the listener clear true-to-life sound; the honeycombed outer grill, Active Noise Canceling (ANC), high-fidelity sound and the comfortable perforated ear pads come together to produce a top-notch acoustic experience. These over-ear headphones are perfect for a family member who loves music just as much as they love to travel. 





Blue instant camera with rounded cornersFujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera in Sky Blue: Delight your travel lover with this functional and beautiful Instax Mini 11 camera. This sky-blue-colored camera lets the user experience the old-fashioned joy of passing around hard-copy photos to friends and family.  In addition to that, this device offers instant gratification with photos that print immediately after they’re taken. Don’t let the old-fashioned polaroid-style printing fool you, though; the photos that come out of this camera have a much higher level of quality than the polaroid cameras from your childhood. This Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 has a next-gen flash that adjusts the lighting to the surroundings so that you get a better color contrast for each picture printed. 


Picture printer with black top and white bottom in hour glass shapePolaroid Lab Instant Smartphone Film Printer: Help your friend or family member preserve precious memories with this Polaroid Labs instant printer. This device is definitely one of the best gifts for the traveler in your life; with this Polaroid printer, your jet setter will be able to print their photographs right off their phone when they return from a trip. Just like an old-fashioned camera, this nifty device uses light exposure to create an image. The light exposure on this device comes from the owner’s mobile phone; to print with this Polaroid Labs printer, users first have to download the app. Then, they can adjust photos to their preferences. When an image is ready, all you need to do is lay the phone flat on the printer; the phone screen will act as the light exposure needed to project your image onto the printer’s film. 


Black digital cameraSony ZV1 70mm Lens Swivel Screen Digital Camera: Help your travel lover capture the most beautiful version of their memories possible with this high-quality Sony ZV1 digital camera. The 70mm camera lens takes high-quality photos and videos and even has a three-capsule directional mic that pulls sound from the front of the camera to create the best audio recordings possible. Keep up with your loved one’s adventures when you present them with a camera that’s designed for vlogging and uploading on social media; this device has image stabilization that minimizes unstable footage and automatic exposure that track the user’s face and makes it look well-lit. The Imaging Edge™ app also lets users easily edit content and upload it to Instagram or YouTube.  


Rectangular dark gray chargerNimble WALLY Pro Charcoal Portable Wall Charger 10,000 mAh: Ensure that your family member can always call home with this Nimble WALLY Pro portable wall charger. This device is perfect for the adventurer who likes to jump on a plane and head to distant locales at a moment’s notice. With this device, no matter how much of a hurry your loved one is in to catch that plane, bus or train, they’ll always have access to an extra charge if they need to call home or power up a laptop or tablet. The best thing about this device, though, is how environmentally friendly it is. This Nimble WALLY Pro is made with almost 75% recycled plastic. Even more impressive, every product from this company arrives with a prepaid shipping label that lets the recipient send back cell phones, cables and other e-waste and have it recycled.   


Black backpack with gold zippersTUMI Voyageur Carson Backpack with Specialized Pockets: This TUMI Voyageur Carson backpack is the perfect fit for a friend who loves to travel in style. With a leather strap and gold zippers against black cloth, this bag looks good slung over a shoulder in any country or climate. This bag also has pockets for almost any electronic item, including a tablet pocket and an easily opened magnetic phone pocket, to keep electronics secure and easy to reach during travel. This TUMI Voyageur also comes with a TUMI tracer®, a metal plate with a serial number inside the backpack that allows you to trace the bag if it ever gets lost.  In addition to all these other convenient facets, this backpack also has an Add-A-Bag hook that makes it easy to attach up to 200 pounds worth of luggage to it. The impressive features of this TUMI backpack make it one of the best gifts for the traveler this season, especially for one that loves convenience and glamor. 

We hope our list of the best gifts for the traveler has provided you with an idea that the adventurer in your life will love. If you’re still trying to decide which item would best suit your friend or family member, try taking a look at Abt’s camera buying guide or Abt’s luggage buying guide to learn more about similar items—whether the jet setter in your life is a picture-taking fiend or someone who likes to travel light with only one piece of luggage, we’ve got you covered.  

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