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New at the Gym? Here’s the Best Equipment for Beginners

Taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle can seem daunting at first. But, with the right equipment and a little motivation, it’s simple. It all starts with small changes every day which, over time, turn into big changes. Regular physical activity can help you prevent disease, control your weight, improve your mental health, and much more. It’s never too late to start! If you haven’t exercised in a gym environment before, don’t let that stop you from walking through the doors. Just ask for help if there’s any equipment you aren’t sure how to use to avoid becoming the star of a viral video on what not to do at the gym. Better yet, start building your workout accessories collection at home so you’re able to get your sweat on in the comfort of your own home. Whether you want to build a home gym or work out at a public gym, here’s a list of the best gym equipment for beginners.

best beginners workout equipment

Cardio Machines

An elliptical is a straightforward machine, yet very effective for improving cardiovascular health and burning calories. It’s low-impact and easier on joints than running on a treadmill. Your heart rate will elevate to the ideal fat-burning range quickly. To begin, simple place your feet on the pedals, hold the handles, and start moving. Increase your speed for a more intense workout. The rowing machine is another great piece of exercise equipment for beginners. You can use it to warm up your whole body or for a medium to high-impact cardio workout. Simply sit down and place your feet in the foot loops for added stability. Then, hold the handles with each hand, arch your back slightly, and push your feet while you pull with your hands simultaneously and continue with a steady motion. If you want something with a little more intensity, but still beginner-friendly, try a spin bike. It will help build your cardiovascular strength and ramp up your heart rate in a hurry. Make sure the seat is adjusted properly to your height, grab the handlebars, and start pedaling. Don’t go too easy-discomfort means change is happening. After a little practice on your own, you’ll be ready for a spin class in no time!

best gym equipment for beginners

Exercise Ball

An exercise ball is an excellent addition to any home gym because it gives you so many options for effective, full-body workouts with a focus on your core. To work your legs and glutes, try squatting while holding the ball overhead 10 to 15 times. The extra weight overhead engages the arm muscles while your core helps you keep your balance. For more upper body work, take push-ups to the next level by putting the ball under your stomach with your hands and feet on the floor. Walk your hands out until your shins are resting on the ball and you are in a flat push-up position. Lower your torso towards the ground until your upper arms are parallel to the ground. Push your body back up and do as many as you can (but try to aim for at least 8-10 reps). Lastly, give some love to your core with knee tucks. Stay in the same push-up position with the ball under your shins, and slowly bring your knees into your chest under your knees and under your hips with the ball under your shins the whole time. Return to the push-up position and repeat 10-15 times.

working out with free weights in the gym

Free Weights

Complicated weight machines at the gym get the job done, but free weights are simple, effective, and much easier to have in your home than big, bulky machines.

Build your gym equipment collection by adding a few different dumbbell sets to give you a range of options for the many exercises you can do with them. If you’re a beginner, start with 5, 8, and 12-pound dumbbells. You want to lift a weight that makes the move uncomfortable, but not painful. Lifting too heavy a weight before you’re ready can cause serious injuries. Pick a weight where you’re able to maintain good form, posture, and can do at least 5 reps of the exercise at a time. Some simple exercises for beginners using free weights include overhead shoulder press, bicep curls, walking lunges with weight, and weighted squats. Start small and work up to more reps and heavier weight over time.

Water Bottles

Keeping a water bottle on hand during your workout is essential. Staying hydrated throughout your day helps keep your body in top condition, but it’s even more important when you exercise. Water helps regulate your body temperature and brings nutrients to where they’re needed most. Insulated water bottles are a great way to keep your drink refreshingly cold for the duration of your exercise. You’ll want to drink 7 to 10 ounces every 10 or 20 minutes, so find a bottle with a large enough capacity to last your whole workout. And don’t forget to keep drinking after throwing in the towel for the day. You need to replenish all the liquid that you lost from sweating.

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