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Before There Were Air Conditioners

Before the luxury of central air conditioning in homes, or even the convenience of portable air conditioners, there were various options on how to keep oneself cool during the hot summer nights. From the outlandishly technological, to the simple air-cooling solutions, famous magazine Popular Science goes over various ways people used to beat the heat in the past. Their online article entitled, “10 Old-Fashioned Ways to Beat the Heat” is a gallery of old inventions, some genius, some just plain silly, on how people kept cool.

When looking at these machines, it’s amazing to see how past generations felt cool. With just a few drops of temperature in their living rooms and homes, these machines could probably make an 85 degree room feel like 80 degrees. Then again, I’ll never understand how past generations attended summer baseball games with women in full dresses and men in suits and fedoras. Maybe we are just lucky to enjoy the advancement of technology that led us to cooler, clean air inside our homes. If you are still suffering from the recent heat waves, we have exactly what you need to keep cool. Check out our full line of air conditioners and stay cool this summer.

I bet hot dogs taste better when you wear a suit.

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