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Beep Beep! A New Mobile Electronics Studio Rolls Into Abt

The Mobile Electronics department at Abt just got a massive upgrade. Instead of keeping all of our automobile operations confined to the garage, we’re now showcasing what makes our technology so great on the showroom floor! Our new mini-showroom can be found right inside our front door and to the right. Just walk past our fitness gear and you’ll find yourself immersed in custom vehicle gearhead paradise. Forested effects line the walls while images of treetops are suspended overhead. That’s road trip heaven, and you can find everything you need for your next one at Abt. 

Explore Next-Gen Mobile Tech

Mobile Electronics Studio Abt
The Mobile Electronics Showroom at Abt allows users to experience vehicle technology in completely new ways

On one side of Mobile Electronics you’ll find upgraded vehicle interfaces; things like double DIN screens and satellite radios. On the other side, dash cams and remote starts are showcased, perfect for helping to keep your car safe and protected. You don’t have to browse these aisles alone either. You’ll find our team of experts out on the floor here, ready to answer questions about what car electronics fits what vehicle and which products might be best for you. All the while, our specialists in the garage are getting their hands dirty with installation.

Experience Immersive Auto Audio In-Person

The Sound Sampling Space in Mobile Electronics

You won’t just be able to see products in our new Mobile Electronics department, you’ll be able to hear them, too. When it comes to audio upgrades, our award-winning team is ready to install audio-boosting gear in just about any vehicle. From RVs to boats to food trucks, we’ve done it all. If you find next-gen speakers that you think won’t fit your classic vehicle, don’t count your car out yet, either. Our team is well-experienced with retrofitting, having helped the newest generation of iPhones connect to cars made in the ’90s, ’80s and before. And before you pick out your new pair of subwoofers, tweeters and speakers, you can listen to them live, too. Head into our speaker room and have a listen to some of the newest top audio equipment from brands like Alpine, Hertz and more.

If the space looks a little empty in the middle, it’s designed to. That’s because we bring in some of the newest cars to showcase cutting-edge mobile electronics on occasion. Our most recent resident? The Big Bend Ford Bronco. Who knows what we’ll feature next? Watch our Facebook and other social media for updates.

Big Bend Ford Bronco

Hoping to learn more? Check out our Car Stereo Buying Guide to research from home, give us a call at 847-544-2810 or head into the store to test out our audio equipment in person!

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