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A Backyard Makeover for Every Space

A backyard makeover is the perfect way to start the summer. If you’re hosting friends and family for an epic Memorial Day BBQ, don’t you want your outdoor space to be perfect? From furniture to outdoor grills and other great entertaining options, there’s so much you can do with your backyard makeover. Grills, patio furniture, outdoor TVs and more give you the freedom to curate the area to your personal taste and hosting preferences. The size of your space doesn’t have to limit you, either. Whether it’s a small patio or a sprawling backyard, we have plenty of tips to transform your entertaining space no matter the size.

Backyard Makeover: Small Patio

backyard makeover patio table and chairs

If you live in a busy neighborhood or a condo complex, chances are you have a small patio or balcony on which to host guests. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beautiful weather with your friends, though. However, the smaller square footage means you have to be more particular about how you choose to outfit your space. Seating is the most crucial aspect because it’s the centerpiece around which you’ll entertain. For small patios, a loveseat and a table is great, or maybe a small square table and four chairs. If you’re looking for your patio furniture to do double duty, make that table a fire table so you can enjoy evening bonfires, too. Would you rather cook than chill? Maybe a portable grill is a better way to upgrade your patio.

Backyard Makeover: Standard Yard

Standard-sized yard typically found in the suburbs have more flexibility when it comes to decorating an outdoor space. While a sprawling outdoor kitchen might not fit in your backyard, you can certainly invest in a great grill and enjoy eating outdoors on a beautiful summer day. If you’re going to eat outside, you’ll need the right seating. More space means more seating options, whether you want a larger outdoor dining set that seats eight people or a smaller table and a separate loveseat or chaise lounge. The furniture you choose will depend on the layout of your yard, so take that into consideration before you purchase. This is another instance where a seating set with a fire table will come in handy; your furniture will do double duty and therefore save you space in your yard, giving you more space for additional pieces like a grill.

As we’re transitioning from spring to summer, the evenings might get a little chilly; another way you can upgrade your backyard is with a patio heater. Most heaters available feature sleek, modern designs and come in a variety of colors so they can match your outdoor décor. You’ll be able to entertain into the evening and your guests will stay comfortable even if it temperatures drop. They’re particularly useful if you also purchase a grill as you’ll be able to enjoy dinner outdoors no matter the temperature.

Backyard Makeover: Outdoor Oasis

If you’re fortunate enough to have a huge yard with plenty of entertaining potential, why not go all out? More surface area means more room for a variety of seating throughout the space, almost creating zones where people can enjoy food and cocktails or just chat and watch the sunset. If you enjoy grilling, a great patio dining set is a must. Most patio chairs are available in a variety of colors and styles, so choose one that will look great against the exterior of your home. A smaller 4-top table or bistro table on the other side of the yard is a great way to maximize your seating without it feeling crowded. And if you have a pool, high-quality chaise lounges are a must.

Beyond seating, your large outdoor oasis needs other ways to help you entertain. If you love hosting movie nights, why not bring things outside with an outdoor TV? If music is more your jam, investing in outdoor speakers is worthwhile. We suggest choosing an option that will blend in with your décor, whether you’re hiding the speakers in a lush garden or dotting them along the pool. For the most seamless look possible, opt for outdoor speakers that look like rocks and blend them in amongst your landscaping.


Upgrade Your Space at Abt

The size of your space shouldn’t dictate how much fun you have this summer. From seasoned grill masters to avid entertainers, our goal is to give your backyard the upgrade it deserves. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out our guide on how to build a luxury outdoor kitchen and our best grills of the year.

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