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Back to School Tools: Virtual Edition

For many students, the fall semester is quickly approaching. However, going back to school in the fall will be different for most students. Due to COVID-19, universities are going completely remote or taking a hybrid approach to learning—combining in-person lectures with online learning. Rather than buying folders and notebooks, most students will be in need of new electronics in order to succeed in this novel online learning environment. Here’s a list of “back to school” tools to help you thrive in your first full semester of e-learning. 

Replace Paper Notebooks with Electronic Note-Taking:

College courses are fast-paced, which can make taking notes quite stressful. And now that most classes are online, it will be difficult to ask questions while your teacher lectures. Rather than leaving notes unorganized and unclear, take a look at Abt’s selection of iPads and tablets to enhance your e-learning experience. Not only do iPads and tablets perform most basic computing tasks, they also have fantastic note-taking capabilities. These tablets allow for speedy note taking, so you’ll have all of your notes organized and in one place. 

Another great tool that you can pair with your tablet is the tablet stylus. This electronic pencil is multi-faceted, functioning as a writing tool as well as a way to navigate your tablet. A stylus feels just like a regular pencil, allowing you to take precise notes. 

Listen to Lectures in Style:

Most students will lose their daily walk to class, a ritual that offers the opportunity to put in earphones and listen to their favorite songs. However, earphones will still be crucial in the e-learning experience. Abt’s vast array of wireless headphones and earbuds & in-ear headphones will help you stay focused during your online learning. With noise-cancelling headphones, you can tune out the noise around you and listen to lectures in the privacy of your own room. From Apple’s Airpods to Beats by Dr. Dre, there’s a large selection of wireless and noise-cancelling headphones to choose from. 

Rise and Grind:

Although you won’t have to set aside time to walk to class, it’s essential that you still wake up in time for your online lectures. Check out Abt’s selection of clocks and personal radios to ensure you’re up and ready to start your day on time. An alarm clock radio functions as both a way to wake up and a way to listen to some of your favorite music in the comfort of your own room.

Safely Satisfy Your Caffeine Craving:

Grabbing a coffee before beginning homework or going to class will definitely be different at most universities. Rather than buying coffee from the nearest shop, brew your own coffee fast in your apartment or dorm. For caffeine lovers, check out Abt’s coffee, tea, & espresso machines to satisfy your coffee craving. While you’re at it, why not pair your machine with a reusable mug from brands like YETI. Then you can grab your coffee and start you day of online learning in the comfort of your own room. Plus, you’ll avoid having to worry about any germs you might pick up at the coffee shop. 

Get A Good Night’s Sleep:

Even though the way students will learn has changed, the importance of good sleep has not. At Abt, shop the mattresses & bedding section to ensure you’re set up to get a comfortable night’s sleep. If you need to build an entire bed, Abt carries everything from bed frames, to mattresses and mattress protectors. And if your room comes furnished, check out Abt’s mattress toppers as well as sheet sets—small accessories that can make big difference in the quality of your sleep. 

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