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Back to School Essentials: College Edition

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Starting college is an amazing experience, but having the right supplies is a must. Pens and notebooks are a given, but shopping for college is much different than high school. Luckily, we’ve created a helpful list of back to school essentials so you don’t forget anything important. Skip the overpriced stuff at your campus bookstore and purchase your essentials before move-in day. You’ll not only need standard school supplies—you’ll also need things to make your dorm feel like home. Fun bedding and cool headphones are just a few ways you can feel at home in a new place and express yourself to your fellow classmates. 

There are a variety of items you’ll need. A dorm is similar to an apartment, so be prepared to purchase. Luckily, this gives you plenty of opportunity to create a living space that looks exactly how you want. Whether you prefer boho chic or timeless minimalism, your college dorm is a great way to express your personal style. You’ll spend a lot of time in your dorm, whether you’re studying or hanging with friends, so comfort and style are a must. You’ll also need plenty of supplies to ensure academic success, whether you prefer to take notes by hand or on a laptop.

We’ve put together this handy list of items you’ll need whether you’re in a lecture or unwinding with friends. Print it out and take it with you while you shop so you don’t forget anything:

checklist of college essentials including school supplies, electronics and appliances

College is the perfect time for learning new things and making new friends. With the right back to school essentials, you’re guaranteed to succeed. You can find tons of college back to school essentials at Abt, too, so visit our website or come see us in store to make sure you’re prepared for the new school year.

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