Back To School: Bose Headphones

Don’t fear, I haven’t turned this into an Apple blog just yet. Apple has definitely found their way on to the college campus but so have many other popular gadgets. For example, Bose and their around the ear headphones are making a major rumble among college students.

From personal experience, privacy is hard to come by and loud distracting noises are inescapable in the dorm, fraternity, or sorority.  With complete enclosure around your ear and light weight, comfort fitting design, Bose’s Around the Ear Headphones are a knock out for giving you noise isolation. They allow you to escape the distractions around you, study in peace, and even listen to your favorite music or movies.

These Bose tri-port headphones are perfect for hooking up to your computer or portable media device. Bose headphones use the most advanced technology to give you deep, rich sounds. Reveal top of the line audio quality with these headphones that deliver a home theater like experience.

Visit Abt to check out Bose’s Around the Ear Headphones yourself or go online at to read more.  —by Scott Shefler

Bose Tri-Port Around The Ear Headphones

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