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Abt Exclusive Watches and Fashion

Gifts For The Traveler

Best Traveling Gifts at Abt

Whether the journey involves flying, driving, hopping a train or piloting a boat, there’s nothing better than travel. And while it’s always better to be home for the holidays, some folks are just made to wander. Make sure they’re ready to jet-set ahead of their next journey with the best traveling gifts you can find. Simple necessities always…

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Abt Exclusive Audio Products

Gifts For The Music Lover

Gifts for the Music Lover

Having a hard time finding the perfect holiday gifts for the music lover in your life? Whether your resident audiophile spends nights spinning discs as a DJ, listening to the newest alternative releases, or brings a portable speaker with them wherever they go, it can be hard to pick out presents for these folks. That could be because…

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Abt Exclusive Cooking Home Tips

Halloween Party Ideas for Kids, Adults & Families

Halloween in 2021 promises to be a night of spooky happenings, trick-or-treating across the neighborhood, and costumes galore. This year the beloved holiday falls on a weekend, making it the perfect time to plan a ghoulish gathering and invite all your local witches and warlocks. That means its time to start planning your last-minute weekend get-together. Whether you’re…

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Abt Exclusive Audio News

A First Look At Apple AirPods 3rd Generation

Apple AirPods Gen 3

Apple fanatics rejoice: another announcement straight from California has sent local audiophiles reaching for their headphones. AirPods 3rd Generation has finally been revealed, following the tradition set by predecessors like the AirPods Pro and over-ear Max models. In the wake of the September 2021 Announcement that premiered the iPhone 13 and new iPad mini (among other goodies), this…

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Abt Exclusive News

Meet Our Fall 2021 Star Employees

Abt Star Employee 2021 Fall

If we could pick any one word to represent 2021 so far, it would be “change”. From the in-progress addition of our new expanded warehouse to continually in-flux product availability, our team of employees has never been better at rolling with the punches. Some of this year’s changes have been exciting, from new faces joining the team to…

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Abt Exclusive Events News

A Tour Through Starved Rock Cabinetry, Abt’s Newest Neighbor

Starved Rock Ribbon Cutting

Last Friday, a small crowd gathered around the Design Center at Abt just off Zenith Drive. After heartfelt speeches, smiles (and perhaps a tear or two) the bright red ribbon was cut and Starved Rock Cabinetry officially opened its doors. These woodworking specialists have created a showroom crafted to meet the standards of the modern dream home, and…

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