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ASUS Transformer AiO; Huge Tablet & Desktop PC

ASUS has introduced a very interesting combination of a tablet and computer. ASUS Transformer AiO is perfect for productivity, but remove the 18.4-inch Full HD display and it instantly transforms into a multi-touch Android tablet. Imagine two iPads put together into one gloriously large tablet.  A bit large for convenient use, but large enough to be a portable entertainment powerhouse.

asus transformer tablet

The Transformer AiO is not purely a tablet. The AiO stands for All-In-One, which is where you can get the best of both worlds for a tablet and desktop computer.  When plugged into the included base, the tablet becomes a monitor for a full-fledged computer running Windows 8. Pull the screen from the base and it automatically turns into that super-sized tablet that runs Google’s Android operating system.  This definitely is aimed at the more professional side of consumers.  This would be an exceptional item to use at a workplace where presentations are the norm.  Work and prepare your presentation while it is a desktop, and pick it up and get going with it as a tablet.

transformer 2

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