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Are Laptop Keyboards Soon to be Extinct?

As you may have already noticed, tablets are slowly gaining in numbers when it comes to personal electronic devices. Many believe with the influx of these uniquely designed computer alternatives, laptops will soon slowly disappear, with one reason being the keyboard.

Tablet users can enjoy surfing the web, reading their e-mails, purchasing online, or watching a movie, all without having to punch physical keys to type or access information. ¬†According to an article written by Technology Review they state, “A laptop with a fully virtual keyboard would resemble what’s known as a folio computer. Basically: two tablets connected with a hinge.” ¬†Personally, replacing a physical keyboard with another touch screen representing a keyboard is cancelling out the whole point of getting rid of the keyboard.

For those of you out there who do not wish to lug around a laptop but would like the convenience of having a computer, the best thing are tablets, which aren’t difficult to find on the market these days. What do you prefer?

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