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Apple WWDC23: Apple Vision Pro, Mac Pro & More

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WWDC23 Header: a bright neon fusion of lights with the apple logo and the title WWDC beneath it.

Say hello to Apple. The huge name in technology is always spearheading something new, whether it’s the latest phone, new software, or a completely re-imagined way to experience technology. Yesterday’s WWDC23 (Worldwide Developer Conference) proved that the brand is still doing just that with the star of yesterday’s presentation: the Apple Vision Pro. While the company did showcase an amazing spread of new hardware and software, the Apple Vision Pro stole the show by far. This new spatial computing headset is unlike any other on the market, and we’re excited to show you just how far the company has taken the burgeoning tech. Read on to see the most amazing stars of Apple WWDC23.

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro from the side, with views of the black glassy front and the thick headstrap.

Meet Apple’s first immersive spatial computing headset: we’ll start with the basics. The Apple Vision Pro is designed to fit comfortably on the user’s head. When you blink and open your eyes, you’ll still be in your space until you start using the Vision Pro. It’s controlled with just a flick of your eyes, an adjustment of your fingers or a word: visual screens appear around you. These visual, virtual “screens” appear in front of you for an immersion that combines digital content with the space you’re currently in. 

Apple’s WWDC23 showed that anything you could do with a phone, computer or TV is available here (along with much more). If you’re using yours for work, you can “pull up” multiple spreadsheets and web browser pages. At home, stream shows and movies in a large presentation format within your space, or blackout the entire background for a movie theater vibe. A spatial audio system and adjustable fit allow you to be as comfortable as possible as your senses are enveloped. 

When it comes to this incredible technology, many of the developers stressed that they’ve been working towards this for years. All kinds of aspects were taken into account, from a user’s ability to see others in the room to Apple cross-device functionality. At WWDC23, Disney’s own Bob Iger came out to showcase the company’s partnership with Apple and this new technology. In other words, the futuristic Vision Pro spatial computer is going to shake things up in a big way for work, play, streaming and every aspect of life. 

The Apple Vision Pro will be available in early 2024 at a price: $3,499. 

Mac Studio & Mac Pro

Showing the upper half of the mac pro, with its silvery design and the port where the fans push away hot air.

The other outrageous up-and-comers at WWDC23 were the Mac Studio and Mac Pro. These desktop computers bring outrageous power unlike anything you’ve seen before. Previous versions of the Mac Studio were released during March of 2022’s Apple event, alongside the Mac Studio display, a monitor crafted just for this computer. The upgraded model is powered by the M2 Max or M2 Ultra depending on your pick: both SoC designs are crafted with Apple Silicon: a CPU, GPU, I/O, Neural Engine and more. These computers are perfect for creatives and those who work through hard-hitting data. Adjust photos, videos and get as creative as possible with these new Macs. It’s all-new from WWDC23.

Ready for more new? Here, Apple introduced the exciting Mac Pro. This impressive upgrade on the Mac Studio brings a traditional tower-style desktop to the table. Within, users will find some of the most powerful computing Apple has ever designed. It’s all driven by the new M2 Ultra chip. The GPU’s Media Engine brings the burst of might you’d only find in seven Afterburner cards, while the CPU is the most impressive version created yet by the brand. That means fast, efficient task tackling that could only happen with Apple silicon. Render in 8K, work through massive datasets, produce music, and animate all within one machine.  Stand this one up or mount it on a rack for the perfect fit for your lifestyle. In search of more stats? It’s all incredibly impressive: a 24-core CPU, 76-Core GPU, 800 GB/s of memory bandwidth, up to 192 GB of unified memory, and support for as many as 8 displays. That’s just the tip of the iceberg with this computer. 

Incredible OS Upgrades

WWDC23 showed off some of Apple’s new OS upgrades for tons of products, from your iPhone to an iPad to Apple Watch. It’s all a lot to ingest, so explore some of our highlights below!

iOS 17 (iPhone)

  • Contacts become more expressive: you can create your own photo or Memoji that appears when people call you. It will appear on their screen.
  • Experience live voicemail: you’ll see a transcript of the message as it’s being left, and can pick the call up in the middle of the voicemail.
  • Use Check In to notify family members and friends to let them know that you’ve made it home safe or have arrived at a destination.
  • Read an audio message instead of listening to it.
  • If someone misses your FaceTime Call, you can leave them a video message.
  • StandBy mode: turn your phone on its side as it charges for new ways to interact with it.
  • Siri responds to just her name. “Siri”.

iPad OS 17

  • Custom lock screen, motion effects for Live Photo wallpapers and lock screens.
  • Users can keep track of widgets on their lock screen.
  • Read an audio message instead of listening to it.
  • If someone misses your FaceTime Call, you can leave them a video message.
  • PDFs: Easier to read and annotate in Notes.
  • Improvements to Autocorrect.
  • Siri responds to just her name. “Siri”.

macOS Sonoma

  • Moving screensavers inspired by nature.
  • Customize widgets on desktop, like weather, photos, notes & more.
  • Share iPhone widgets on Mac. Widgets fade into the background when using other programs.
  • Video conferencing: adjust where your image shows up in the call. Make yourself bigger or smaller, set yourself beside the content & more.
  • Create web apps for your Dock. Any website can easily become a web app that’s accessible from your Dock with a single click.
  • Improvements to Autocorrect.
  • Game Mode dedicates power from your CPU and GPU to what you’re playing. Game Mode results in reduced latency in accessories like controllers.

WatchOS 10

  • Smart stack redesigns notifications, giving you a look at different widgets as you turn the crown.
  • Cycling metrics get an improvement when connected to Bluetooth-enabled accessories.
  • Power Zones workout view showcases the highest level of intensity you can maintain for 60 minutes.
  • Watch your cycling metrics live from your iPhone while you ride
  • Hiking metrics and functionality get a boost too with a 3D view of points like where you last had cellular connectivity, places where you can make an emergency call and more.
  • When hiking, you can see topographical maps of your trail, from peaks to hills and valleys. You can even see details about nearby trails like their length, difficulty, photos and names.
  • Vision Health: the ambient light sensor on Apple Watch can measure the time spent in daylight. Boosting a child’s time spent in daylight can reduce the risk of Myopia, or nearsightedness. Parents can keep track of children’s time spent outside with Family Setup to help reduce the risk.

Apple showed off so much of what they’ve been working on at WWDC23, and the Vision Pro will definitely be a game-changer in the future. We’re excited to see where all of this technology goes! For new releases coming out soon like the MacBook Air 15″ (the largest Air they’ve ever produced with 18 hours of battery life and the M2 chip) check out our Apple store in Abt’s atrium. A lot of this new equipment is coming out in June, and we can’t wait for you to see it!

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