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Apple MacBook Pro— Staff Favorite

My name is Michael Dumong and I have been in sales with Abt since August 2007. Since I was a young child my family has shopped with Abt, and I have always been so impressed with the knowledge, expertise, and kindness of the Abt employees—that and the outstanding service has always kept our family coming back year after year. With the evolution and change that goes on throughout the store and our product selection, it’s hard to keep your hands off all the nice new gadgets that come in, which brings me to my favorite new product I recently purchased…

Apple MacBook Pro

This year I was in the market for a new computer, and after much research and thought, I decided to purchase the Apple 15-inch 2.4 GHz MacBook Pro. The decision was very hard at first, considering I had been a Windows/ PC user for so long, but the idea of owning an Apple computer was very intriguing. I mean, the thought of no viruses, no spyware, no frustration!?! I thought wow, that’s incredible! Not to mention the beautiful aesthetics of the laptop, between the classy stainless steel casing and the white luminescent keyboard, it was a very easy decision.

The scariest part was yet to come—transitioning from Windows to Mac. But little did I know, Apple makes it very easy with their migration assistant tool that literally takes all of your important data from your Windows machine and moves it right over to the Mac with a click of the mouse! Within less than an hour I was up and running with everything I needed. I am absolutely in love with my new Apple laptop and would highly recommend any of the MacBook line of computers.      —by Michael Dumong

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